Things to Note When Ordering

Submission of File Format
1. Printing files must be saved in CMYK four-colour format. If your file is RGB, Pantone colour or other colour formats, we will convert it to CMYK four-colour format. We will not be responsible for any colour variance/difference caused by the conversion.
2. CMYK colour shouldn't be less than 8%. Otherwise, the colour reproduction will not be obvious when printing.
3. Text file must be created with outline to avoid font missing, including PDF format.
4. File size must be 1:1 with the products and pictures. Resolution should be 300dpi or higher.
5. There may be a certain level of colour variance, as compared with colour proofing. The printing colour will follow our company's colour standard.
6. Maximum size for proofing is A3 (420mm x 297mm). File which is beyond the size will be shrunk to fit in A3 size.
7. You cannot use computer monitor or proof provided by yourself as colour standard.
8. The file needs to reserve around 3mm of bleed size to avoid white line exposure after cutting.
9. Acceptable file formats are: Illustrator (Maximum support is CS4), Freehand (maximum support is MX), CorelDraw (Maximum support is X4), InDesign (Maximum support is CS4), Acrobat PDF (9.0). Other types of file will not be accepted.
10. Accepted image format: *.psd, *.tif (Compression by using LZW), *.jpg.
11. We will only keep your file for 3 months.
12. Picture file cannot be too close to the bleeding line. If there is any error, our company will not be responsible for it.
13. The file needs to reserve around 5mm spacing between trim mark to avoid cutting into the text.
14. All C100, M100, Y100 and K100 percentage cannot be more than 300% as it may cause printing problem. For Solid black, you will be required to fill up C40 M40 Y40 and K100 in the fie.
15. Draw of line or curve should not be less than 0.076mm/0.25pt as it will result in break or not printed.
16. Around the artwork namecard, please bleed 2mm of actual size.
E.g. 9cm x 5.4cm = 9.2cm x 5.6cm
17. Leaflet and Book, please allow bleed of 3mm from actual size.

Ordering Information
1. State the details of print via Facebook at or Twitter at or e-mail to on:

a. Type of Print
b. Quantity
c. Finishing
2. Upon confirmation of details, a quote/invoice will be sent to your e-mail (Provide us with your e-mail) with payment details.
3. Once payment is received and cleared (Note: Cheque payments will take approximately 3 working days to be cleared), printwork will begin.
4. Printed work will be completed and ready for collection/delivery after 3-5 working days.
5. Account Managers will contact you to arrange on the collection/delivery details.